10 - 12 October 2024

International Conference on Art Studies

Milan, Italy


Art Conference 2024

Academics, scientists, scholars, and researchers from around the world will come together for a three-day knowledge festival at the International Conference on Art Studies. Taking place between the 10th and 12th of October 2024 in one of the most breathtaking cities in Europe, Milan, Italy, this arts and culture academic conference will feature insightful presentations, engaging discussions, and career-shaping networking opportunities.

This art conference will bring together a diverse audience to share unique blends of expertise, research fields, and experiences. The immersive learning environment is made possible by the variety of formats that will be employed to facilitate knowledge exchange – oral presentations, workshops, poster presentations, networking sessions, and more.

To make sure every attendees leaves with a dose of inspiration and lifelong memories, the event will also feature a free guided tour of the host city.

art conference

September 2024

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ARTSTUDIESCONF: Call for papers

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Showcase your research to a wider audience of peers, experts, and potential collaborators. Put a spotlight on your work and strengthen the recognition for your contributions to the discipline of arts. Hone your presentation and communications skills, gather insightful feedback into your research, open doors to exciting career advancement opportunities.

art conference
art conference
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The scientific committee of the event consists of esteemed and accomplished academics in their respective disciplines. The members of the committee review every submission and evaluate it for quality, originality, relevancy, and research depth. Submit your research paper and receive valuable feedback, present your findings at the event (on-site or virtually), and get published in indexed academic journals. ARTSTUDIESCONF offers a sea of professional advancement opportunities

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03 October

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Browse through our catalog of frequently asked questions. You are also welcome to get in touch with our organizing team directly with your inquiry.

The conference is inviting submissions on the following subjects: Humanities, Culture, Languages, Cinema and Film Studies, Music Education, and Art History. Submissions on related themes will also be considered

Upon request, we can provide an official letter stating the purpose of your travel to Milan, Italy
and confirming your participation type. Please note that the letter can only be issued once the
payment of your registration fee is received.

Giving effective virtual presentations is a skill. And, as with any skill, you can master it with the
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If you are not sure which of your colleagues will be joining you, book a group pass now to take
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